Restaurant Shibata



Shibatas History

Our story began in 1967 when Kazuo Shibata opened a small family run guest house in Akakura Onsen. With a love for the natural beauty of Joshinetsu National Park, Kazuo often climbed the peaks of Mt Myoko and collected the various kinds of wild mountain vegetables to be found there. In the evenings he would share his stories, beer and food with guests. This lead to him opening Shokudo Shibata (Restaurant Shibata) so he could continue to share his passion for good food and company with visitors to Akakura.

Shibata moved to its current location in 2008. After more than half a century in Akakura we continue to strive to preserve the friendly family run atmosphere that Kazuo created back when he originally opened the restaurant.

We hope you enjoy your time in Akakura Onsen and look forward to serving you at Restaurant Shibata.

Owner and daughter of Kazuo, Naomi.

Our Rice

Shibata sources all its rice from the Yamakawa family farm in Myoko. The rice is called Koshihikari rice and is famous for the snow-melt from the mountain that irrigates the rice fields each spring. Although the farm is small the Yamakawa farms rice consistently receives Japans highest Rice Grading Certification and exports it produce internationally.

At Shibata we cook rice fresh each evening, using pure, fresh water straight from the moutains in Myoko-Togakushi National Park behind Akakura, so you can enjoy your rice at its very best.


We are really easy to find. Just walk down the main street in Akakura and look for the large busy restaurant opposite Hotel Furuya & next to the old Yamazaki convenience store. We are pretty easy to spot.

In the middle of the Main Street.